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Customized products

EightyDays has years of experience producing customized products for museum gift shops across Europe. We produce high quality, best-selling merchandise in dialogue with our client, all at competitive prices.

With our in-house DTP studio, any design can be accomplished. You can count on us to adapt your design or artwork to fit several products or propose a complete merchandise project to suit your requirements.

Quality guarantee

EightyDays’ quality guarantee ensures that the highest standards are maintained by our production partners around the world. Our products receive the CE sign through  rigorous tests by EU recognized laboratories such as Intertek and SGS. Additionally we  perform quality checks during production and then again before goods are shipped. EightyDays opposes child labour and is working towards sustainable manufacturing of  its products.

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Jan Vrijmanstraat 229
1087 MN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: + 31 20 3301228
Website: http://www.eightydays.nl/ 
Mail: info@eightydays.nl