Conscious living for a meaningful world
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EcoDNA was founded out of love for travel to the best destinations in Europe and the belief that tourism can be sustainable.
Conscious consumerism, environmental protection, and animal welfare are our core values.

High-quality handmade accessories

We developed a collection of high-quality handmade accessories that embody our values for the gift, souvenir and brands markets. Passionate to deliver the best quality at an affordable price, our products are handmade in Italy from vegan leather. Their quality is reflected in the look and feel, with rich textures, bright colours and exceptional durability. Environmental awareness, ecology and sustainability are our core values.

EcoDNA products are handmade in Italy

The manufacturing partner from my hometown of Florence has been operating for about 50 years, and boasts majority women operated team. I am proud to support European businesses with European-goods- enabling a sophisticated and quality alternative in a market supplied by mass production outside of Europe. I am sure you will see the passion, expertise, and values in my product range.

EcoDNA and its products are PeTA Approved.
This means there are no animal products involved in any part of the creation of our products, certified by the largest animal rights organization in the world PETA.